Howto add encryption




Without any setting, the plugin use the vnc 8char password as password.

When the plugin is installed on the server pc, you see that the config option is available.

  • 1. Passphrase:
    Allow you te set a long password
  • 2.¬†Generate client Authetication Key:¬†
    Pressing the button [Generate client Authetication Key] generate 2 keys.
    xxx_Server_ClientAuth.pubkey and xxx_Viewer_ClientAuth.pkey
    You need to copy the xxx_Viewer_ClientAuth.pkey in the folder of vncviewer.exe
    The xxx_Server_ClientAuth.pubkey stays on the server.
    From now, only the viewer who has the key is able to connect.

know issue's

Uvnc use a plugin for encryption.
64bit winvnc.exe and vncviewer.exe : SecureVNCPlugin64.dsm
32bit winvnc.exe and vncviewer.exe: SecureVNCPlugin.dsm

If you use the wrong version, you get this error.